Everyone loves a good pair of pants. I know I do.

I like the sight of a good-looking man in a nice pair of pants (nice assy ass…yummz), and yes, I also like a nice pair of pants FOR ME, that fit my seated/quadified body as if they were custom-made. I don’t need to tell you this, but if you’re an average height gal and found yourself in a wheelchair, you know better than me how annoying the “Holy Grail” search for pants can be.

So here’s the good news: New York & Company has LONG pants. And they’re cheap! Not like the $60+ dandies you’ll find at Tall Girl or other custom-type stores. This must be a new addition to their store, because I shop there a lot. Or maybe I’m just dense? Whatever the case, their prices range from $9.99 (!!!) to $44.95. And you can even shop online on their site now. Truly killer.

So cheers to you and yours on the gloriness that is pants.

Long inseams! No more high-waters! What a beautiful world that would be.

– Tiff