I discovered recently that wearing toasty warm socks after getting into bed (the fleece kind of socks, preferrably), is without question the fastest way to warm up ice-cube legs.

An able-bodied friend recently told me about her obsession with wearing these uber-thick socks to bed each night. She swears by them. And that got me thinking to before my injury. I used to wear socks to bed too. The sheets just felt weird on my barefeet. But after my injury, well you know what happened…(couldn’t feel my feet, so I forgot about this).

Anyways, I am here to loudly proclaim that even if you can’t feel your feet, your feet still greatly control your body heat (if your feet are cold your body thinks you’re going into hypothermia, and will send all your blood to your chest cavity to keep your organs). And if this happens, your feet won’t warm up for a VERY long time.

I’ve worn socks to bed three times this week, and each time BARNONE, I warmed up super fast and as a result, slept like a baby. Try it, people!

And here’s some very excellent fleece socks to procure.

– Tiff

PS. I’m more than aware that wearing fleece socks to bed isn’t sexy, luckily for me though, I live alone. Ha.