Everyone has an opinion on dating, but not everyone has one when it comes to the wheelchair side of things. Most people, let’s be honest, don’t even think about wheelchair-users in the realm of dating, but the truth is that many of us want to date or are currently dating. We too are in need of dating advice.

Fortunately there are a handful of wheelchair-users who love doling it out. They may not be as plentiful as the Dr. Ruth’s of this world, but they’re out there and they’re recording their advice just for you; and w00t, they’ve made some amazing videos.

Straight from the heart advice coming right at ya, here are three unforgettable videos from wheelchair-users on the sticky topic of wheelchair dating. Read this post

This former F-16 Israeli fighter pilot lived and breathed the real version of Top Gun, but instead of shunning the world for what he lost after his injury, he decided to prove to the world what he could still do instead.

From becoming the best Paralympian sailor in the world to a highly decorated motorsport driver, Dror has transformed the idea of disability in Israel.

And he’s reaching out to help others too. He helped found a charity helping Israelis access adaptive motorsports and is a motivational speaker. Read this entry

They say the desire to be up in the great blue yonder is something you’re born with. If that’s true, then that certainly explains Captain Stewart McQuillan’s lifelong passion for aviation, the world’s first paraplegic to fly a helicopter.

A hardy veteran of the Royal Air Force, McQuillan’s father and grandfather were both pilots and he himself began flying at 11 years old, but he’s much more than just a pilot.

He’s also an electrical engineer and the brain behind a groundbreaking device that allows those with paralysis to fly a helicopter (or any other rotary device).

For a fearless story that crosses oceans and endless skies, read on to be inspired by Captain Stewart McQuillan. Read this entry

If you don’t know who Alana Nichols is, you soon will. A Paralympic athlete and the first American woman to win Paralympic medals in both the Summer and Winter Paralympics, she’s ramping up to make a big powdery splash downhill skiing at the Sochi Winter Olympics this February.

Being an athlete on the court or the slopes is only half of what she does. Alana is also a motivational speaker and a two-time ESPY Award winner, speaking on the importance of adapted athletics across the country. A born and bred athlete, learn more about Alana Nichols, an amazing woman destined for even more Paralympic glory. Read this entry

It’s not easy being fabulous and paralyzed, yet somehow Tiffany Giddes manages to pull it off.  An actress living in L.A. but a Southern girl at heart, Tiffany knows exactly what it takes to adapt to her surroundings.  She’s an actress, producer and the first person in a wheelchair to be on Sons of Anarchy.

When her injury occurred, she was like a cat too, and landed on both legs and kept moving forward.  From making skydiving a regular habit to producing and starring in her own original film, read on to learn about the amazing Tiffany Giddes, an actress determined to change how people with disabilities are portrayed in the media. Read this entry

When in a rut, grow stuff. That’s what I say. Growing things has been the zen-moment of humans for centuries, and when you have a spinal cord injury, there’s something even more therapeutic about growing things.

A sense of control, the peace from being enveloped by nature, all the senses are stimulated when you garden. Gotta love it.

Here are four really cool gardening videos for wheelchair-users that show how to do it right and taking care of your plants once they’ve sprouted. Read this entry

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