When it comes to one of the brightest SCI Superstars we could profile, you can’t get more significant or note-worthy – heck this guy will have a chapter on him in history books one day – than Lex Frieden.

One of the architects of the ADA and a big time policy-maker, Lex Frieden is dedicated to helping people with SCI and other disabilities live as independently as possible. A college professor, husband and a dog-lover too, read on to learn about one of the most important figures in American disability history. Read this entry

SO many fascinating stem cell stories going on right now.

Here are 3 great videos of SCIers talking about their treatments (adult stem cells via an IV and embryonic stem cell injections), including a 20 year-post quadriplegic’s quest to see if they can maybe help him too. Read this entry

Founder and President of Clark’s Botanicals, an award-winning skincare company with products that have been featured in Allure, In-Style, and The New York Times (just to name a few publications) and the author of Walking Papers: The Accident that Changed My Life, and the Business that Got Me Back on My Feet.

Francesco is making the world beautiful and helping to heal it, all in one fell swoop. Read this entry on SPINALpedia

A really cool documentry has been made to support a new bill in Minnesota (aiming to get $8 million for paralysis research), made by the father of a newly injured young man. It features NFL punter Chris Kluwe – who spent a day in a wheelchair – to bring awareness to the real life behind spinal cord injuries. I’m included in this film too, munching on chips and salsa with Chris, and talking about the hardness of paralysis for as long as I’ve been in the game – 19 years, 6 monthss. oof). Continue reading

Rosemarie-RossettiA savvy business lady before AND after her injury (at age 45, a tree fell on her while bike riding), here’s how Rosemarie Rossetti Phd has soared post-injury.

She has created the “Universal Living Design Laboratory,” a seriously gorgeous show home in Ohio that uses universal design & green building principals. Read this entry

Brooke Ellison is am-aazing! First quad to graduate from Harvard (you’ve seen her on the “Hope. Pass It On” billboards), Christopher Reeve’s last film was on her life story and she ran for the New York State Senate in 2004.

What is she up to now? Read on!

A top spinal cord injury researcher, on the hunt for a cure since the 1980’s. Wise Young is one of our greatest champions. Learn all about him. Read this entry

I had an amazing opportunity two weeks ago. I was asked to be part of an evening filming for a documentary being made.

The doc is on life after SCI in Minnesota and why we need to fund SCI research (the end goal of the documentary is to get a bill passed where drunk driving fines will go to research. Similar bills have been passed in Mass, NJ and Cali). View the petition for the Bill SF2417

And even though that in itself was really cool (myself, and two other guys with SCI were invited), we had tacos, there was a whole film crew there so that was pretty exciting…Chris Kluwe, the outspoken Vikings punter (NFL for those unawares) was there. Continue reading

Injured at 10 months old in a car accident breaking her neck at C1-2, now a 4th grader, Caroline has an amazing story.

Watch her “standing frame dance” with her dad (he’s on rollerblades) as he whips her around their cul de sac. SCI research is so badly needed for kids like her. Read this awesome entry

And this is a big one, folks. September is – woo hoo! – Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month.

What does this whole “awareness month” message mean? Lots of things…talking about what is a spinal cord injury, sharing spinal cord injury prevention tips and bringing up important issues facing people with spinal cord injuries.

This is actually where my heart lies. No one can cure us, but we can be in control of our lives by improving day-to-day issues, like having people who understand and all the information you need so you can live an amazing, healthy and independent life. HUGE stuff. That is why I am a major fan of BACKBONES. They’re a great non-profit dedicated to improving all of this really important stuff.

And this month, they’re trying to raise $10,000 for their organization, all of which will go directly to fund their mission (you can read it in full here).

They are there to give free support people with SCI and their familes – they do one-on-one pair ups, fun events all around the country. Having a good time and positivity is what they’re all about (proof!).

What’s not to love about an organization that holds city-wide scavenger hunts IN wheelchairs (everybody has to try it too, even if they can walk) as a way to teach SCI education?

Click here to give & help BACKBONES reach their goal!