Maybe I’ve been paralyzed too long, but there are a bunch of new therapy programs out there that I question.

Let me preemptively say that locomotor training has a lot of great benefits (it’s good for weight-bearing, making your muscles move, organ-hanging party time).  It’s a pretty intense therapy where they strap you into a harness (that’s attached to a bar above your head) and hang you above a treadmill. Read this entry

In episode #86 of podcast No Free Rides, we’re joined by Peter Soby, a quadriplegic writer, director and film producer from L.A.

With a face that’s easy on the eyes and a creative force that can’t be ignored, Peter has paved his own niche in Holllywood.

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Saying goodbye to my love of music was one of the stupidest things I’ve ever done after my injury. Maybe in my wildest dreams, jerry-rigging a clarinet (to work for my quad hands) would have worked, but not all instruments are impossible to adapt.

Watch Robb Madison, a paraplegic drummer use 3 sticks to mimic the bass  drum, and watch a famous quadriplegic blues singer from the UK show how he can still play the steel guitar (via his  lap). Gag they’re so smart! Read this entry

I’ve seen some gorgeous accessible kitchens in my day. Beautiful, custom kitchens to lust after with cut-outs under the counter tops for plenty of knee space, huge slabs of granite cut-out to fit the countertops perfectly, stainless steel appliances with bottom loading freezers and pull-out shelves to reach things easier.

But going from point A, a completely inaccessible kitchen to point B, a fully accessible kitchen where everything is thought of from top to bottom, usually takes a qualified ADA building expert or some kind of universal accessible consultant. And if you don’t hire one of these people, the likelihood of forgetting an accessible feature is almost guaranteed.
This is why I am completely in love with the Skyline Lab Kitchen, a wheelchair accessible kitchen made by Italian kitchen manufacturer, Snaidero. Read the rest of this post…

In episode #84 of No Free Rides, Tiffiny interviews Joe Stone, a C7 quad injured while speed flying in Montana (where you parachute down a mountain on foot). Tiffiny and Joe discuss the importance of staying true to your passions despite a life-changing injury, as well as his documentary, Wings to Wheels. Continue reading

Can’t move your arms but still want to drive? No problem. Your wheelchair’s joystick can be your new steering wheel! Watch this video here


Last night, the Southern version of the hot wedding dress reality show, Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta, featured a bride in a wheelchair – a woman who was shot by a stray bullet only five months before. Continue reading


In episode #83 of No Free Rides, Tiffiny is joined by Cory Parsons, a dynamo chef with quadriplegia who lives on the beautiful, seafood laden Vancouver Island.  Continue reading

What some people are calling Dirty Dancing on wheels, Musical Chairs is a romantic comedy set in the world of wheelchair ballroom dancing, directed by Susan Seidelman of Desperately Seeking SusanRead this blog

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Dear Tiff,

I have type 2 Spinal Muscular Atrophy. I’m totally ready to enter the dating scene.  How can I become a “hot chick in a wheelchair,” and not, “Just that disabled girl? Continue reading