1928 Jewelry Lurve

There’s nothing that makes me giddier than gorgeously unique jewelry, that’s also cheap. And 1928 Jewelry fits the bill.

Just check out their Manor House Beaded Drop Earrings (pic to the left) for $26.00. With their Victorian-look, paired with ”simulated” amethyst and pearl (which help create the dropped-effect), make these babies look like they’re genuine antique jewelry that’s worth 4x the amount.

Have fun browsing! Their jewelry is simply gush-worthy.

– Tiff

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  1. Hi, thanks for the link, I lost an earring recently, and the store I bought them at doesn’t have that specific pair anymore. Never thought to go to 1928 online! They have it. So, now with 3 matching earrings, I will be safe!

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