2008 Will Be The Year of the Rat

Happy New Year, devoted readers of my ever-updated blog! You may or may not be aware of this, but 2008 will be (according to Chinese astrology) the Year of the Rat. Yes, you read that right. A year is actually dedicated to the plague-causing rodent that is also know the disgusting (in my opinion), beady-eyed rat. Here’s a little insight into what we can expect in the rat-themed lunar new year:

“In the Year of the Rat (beginning on Feb. 7th), we can expect 12 months of plentiful opportunities and prospects not to mention being relatively free of turbulence, (which is great to know especially if you’re planning on making some long-term investments, starting new projects, or keeping the home fires burning brightly).”

“A Rat Year is a time of hard work, activity, and renewal.  This is a good year to begin a new job, get married, launch a product or make a fresh start.  Ventures begun now may not yield fast returns, but opportunities will come for people who are well prepared and resourceful.  The best way for you to succeed is to be patient, let things develop slowly, and make the most of every opening you can find.” 

So, I don’t know about you, but I take these things with a grain of salt. I’m not quite sure what to believe: Is this stuff totally, 100% true or is it antiquated hog-wash? We’ll never know. I do know however that a few years ago (2004 I believe), was the Year of the Monkey, and my friends brought it in with a banana-themed party, with mini-banana bread loafs passed out to each guest and crazy monkey-esque games that were played. So when February 7th, 2008 hits, what kind of rat-themed foods, games, etc, would be apropos for a Year of the Rat party? Ratatouille (the French vegetable dish, not the Disney movie), cheese, peanut butter served on faux mouse traps, “pocket full of puss” cake? The options are….the opposite of endless.

Happy Year of the Rat!

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  1. well, i do believe in astrology and horoscope is the first part of the magazine that i always check *..

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