“Crappy” Food That Should Be Brought Back

Case in point Numero Uno: McDonald’s FRIED Apple Pie (and the Fried Cherry Pie, RIP).

Screw the wussy-girl Baked Apple Pie they’ve been pimping since 1992. I want me some fried tasty outer-shell, heart-attack inducing goodness. And why in the FRECK did such a genius corporation get rid of perhaps the best fast-food desert in the history of food in the first place? Was it to create easier prep or prevention of lawsuits due to magma-hot filling flying in your face?

Trans-fat/MSG being the reasons, I really don’t care…

Apparently (heard on the Internet grapevine), the tasty-schmasty fried apple pie can be found at McDonalds stores loacted in Walmarts (in various parts of the USA), and at overseas McDonalds in Australia, Lebanon, and other countries where apparently McDonald’s has deemed their tastebuds more worthy than mine/ours, whatever.

And hey, I’m not the only one who’s willing to picket outside the McDonald’s HQ in Oak Point, IL to get it brought back. Look at this guy’s website: McDonald’s Fried Apple Pie Loacator. And I thought I had an obsessive personality complex.

– Tiff

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  1. I sent a comment on Mcdonald’s website to have them bring it back!

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