Grey Eyeshadow and Pink Lips

This was a weekend kingmaker the all of the cabin-fever inducing, stay-inside-or-you’ll-die, weekends. It lingered around -10 – -20 degrees here all weekend, and I wasn’t about to go outside and suffer; no matter how badly I wanted that Cinnabon from the mall. So instead, my boy and I hunkered down and watched two seasons of “24,” and then went off and watched our own programs in separate rooms. What can I say? My boyfriend isn’t always going to like to watch what I like. Case in point: The Girls Next Door.

I find Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends mildly entertaining, but sometimes the show just sucks you in so badly you can’t look away. I may not understand all of the babble that’s coming out of their spoiled, living-in-a-bubble mouths, but they’re good for a decent laugh now and then.

I noticed an interesting beauty trend amongst the girls while watching the show on Saturday night, They had all changed their makeup colors (only a true girly-girl like yours truly would notice that) from a lot of taupes and browns to greys and pinks. And I loved it! Bridgette (the eldest of the trio at age 32) looked the best in the new look, wearing a silvery grey eyeshadow along with a bright bubble gum pink lipstick. It was so complimentary to her bleached blonde hair. A great idea!

Now if you haven’t noticed, I too have bleached blonde hair. I was blonde when I was born, but as I got into my late teens it turned an ugly dark blonde/red color that could only be likened to a kid mixing a bunch a paints together in art class. Truly vomit inducing. So today, per my Girls Next Door inspiration, I copied their makeup look. So, what do you think?

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