The Scarf

Who’s the wheelchair-girl that’s constantly reminding all the other wheelchair-girls out there the neverending importance of accessories in our wardrobe? That’s right. That would be me 🙂 And today, in early January, it’s a perfect time to remind all of you the current trendiness and ease that is the Pashmina scarf (yes it’s back). But BEWARE, it’s only IN right if it’s tied in a very specific way (see image to the left. Image courtesy of Esprit).

Now, I’m no knot-expert by any means, but I’m seeing fashionistas everywhere donning these things. And it dawned on me the other day what an easy add-on this would be, and look great while you’re at it, for women in wheelchairs to utilize. So go out and buy yourself a brand new brightly-colored thin Pashmina to add to your Winter/Spring wardrobe this year. You’ll be glad you so, especially on your laundry days 🙂

– Tiff

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