But I’m Not F$%#ing Thirsty Doc!

After you screw up your spinal cord, the usual M.O. your doctor will pound over your head is, TO DRINK MORE WATER.

Is it just me, or is this incessant push for me to drink nasty, blah-water hissy fit-inducing? For all these 14 years of my quad-dom, I have never learned to enjoy drinking water. I’m rarely, if ever thirsty, and only on special occassions (usually after a long, dry day at the Renaissance Faire), will the notion of a cool glass of water sound appealing.

This is where I say, “Thank you Jebus!” for Crystal Light flavor packets. These little babies came out last year, they’re sugar-free, and they can be added to a glass of water to mimick the best tasting juice ever, but the awesom part, it’s not juice. Bonus for my poor beat-up bladder.

You can find Crystal Light flavor packets at most grocery stores in the Kool-Aid or energy drink aisles. They run about $3.50 per 14-packet box.

Just stay away from the Tropical Punch flavor! Even though it’s amazing and by far their best flavor, if you spill it on your carpet, take it from me, you will never get it out.

– Tiff

  1. Well I see your 14 years and I raise you 27 years! I’ve heard that mantra of drink lots for years. I do drink alot of H2O but add a lemon or lime squirt to it, not the Realemon bottled stuff. It makes it more palatble and adds a touch of Vit. C.

  2. ok you win kath 🙂

    i’ve tried to do the lemon water thing too. it’s just too bitter for me:/

  3. i should drink more. Although, when i do, i do drink water. I have one energy drink everyday, (I’m addicted). I barely drink or eat anything… lol… how much do you try to drink Tiff?

  4. well, i try to drink at least 3 glasses/day, plus my required morning cup of coffee 🙂

    im a bad, bad quad.

  5. And of course the more you drink the more often you need to cath, which I am sure those doctors think is just the simplest thing ever.

  6. Well, I drink a lot.
    Maybe it’s a guy thing but what really got me drinking was finding a wayy cool water bottle.
    Check out the bottles on this site: http://www.camelbak.com/
    They’re in the Sports/recreation section. Quad friendly with a thumb-loop, absolutely spill-free and available in colors that’d match any outfit.
    I also love sportswater stuff like Aquana etc.
    Then there’s the entire range of mineral waters… we have shops that sell 100’s of different kinds and they all taste different… Yummo!

  7. stef, those camelbak watter bottles are really bad ass. i want one now! i’m going to research if theyre over here in the US.

  8. Hey Tiff,
    They should be everywhere but the easiest way would be ordering through Amazon.

  9. I’ve been a para since four months ago (and I just turned 22!!) and I’m still new to this… why are we supposed to drink so much water?
    In the same accident that I lost my mobility, I also lost all kidney function so I do not make any urine and am on a fluid resricted diet. As if losing the use of my lower body wasn’t enough…

    but I’m just curious as to why water is so much more important now?

  10. Elle, I think it’s so we flush out our bladders to avoid UTI’s.

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