Gilly Hicks

Watch out Victoria’s Secret! You finally have a worthy competitor!

This year, Abercrombie & Fitch launched their new lingerie store called Gilly Hicks/Sydney. It’s casual, young lingerie, targeted towards women in their late teens/early twenties…and even though there are only 4 currently open in the US, one very well may be opening soon near you.

I’m lucky, a Gilly just opened earlier this month at the Mall of America (right by my house). I checked it out today because some of my girlfriends told me it wasn’t wheelchair accessible (the store has steps in the front and multiple levels), but luckily, they were wrong. There are hidden ramps placed strategically throughout the store.

After my excursion there today, I mut confess I’m in love with this place. The lighting in the store was moody and hella sexy, there were paintings of hot/semi-nude men on the walls (finally!), and the entire store was made up of separate rooms as if you were meandering through a quaint, richy-rich home on the Australian coast. Architecturally very cool.

Anyways, I’m only posting this blog because the store endeared me for two reasons. Reason #1: They have an extensive bra line where each bra is named after a female first name (“Courtney,” “Ashley,” “Miranda,”etc). I don’t know if you remember this or not, but way back in the day Victoria’s Secret did the same thing, but now only their “Ashley” and “Emma” bras remain :/ I’ve missed this bra-naming technique for years because it’s so girly and fun, so it’s nice to see this naming-idea brought back!

Reason #2: Their signature lilac-scented perfume, La Perouse. It’s OMG divine and if you go into the store, you’ll instantly smell it. I bought their tiniest bottle for $44.00. My beau isn’t really into floral perfumes, but I don’t care. Lilacs are my fav flower hand-down.

As it stands, you can’t buy any of their stuff online (yet), but in the meantime, check-out their website to view their sexy black & white movie featuring topless chics and bare-assed men.


– Tiff

  1. Sexy video, Im glad the gals have small perky boobs, makes me feel right at home. I wanna see their lingerie!

  2. yeah the smallish boobs is refreshing! you should see all the tiny, wireless bras they have in their store too. a lot of them look like training bras to be honest. lol. but yeah….its nice to see an AMERICAN company *finally* pimping out tinier boobs. who wouldve thought we’d ever see it??

    their lingerie is much more casual/comfy than vickie’s. and they probably have at least 20 different female-named bras in the store, located at the back (in these really pretty dark cherry wooden cases no less).

  3. i agree cool vid, i’ve always liked smaller perky ones, any cool thigh-highs for the x dresser in me-lol

  4. abe…lol…i totally forgot about that thread on the boards…IMO. remembering you in your cutesy printed tights always makes me smile 🙂

  5. where can i find a gilly hicks store?

  6. after reading this, i am much more excited about going when GH opens in seattle next month. i can hardly wait. the only other store ill need to finish the set is Ruehl, but whatever. i love that A&F have lingerie, cos all my VS underwear doesnt really “match” what i wear over it, its like bright colors, bold fabrics, then my A&F clothes. yay for Gilly Hicks and their models with small boobs!

  7. i live near a gily hicks store in ct and it is AMAZING! after reading this i was also wondering what the infamous “bra-dressers”are…haven’t seen the dressing rooms are they nice?

  8. I am looking for the cologne or body spray labeled, Le Perois by Sydney.

  9. i live by a gilly hicks and am willing to buy/ship for people. lemme know.

    1. Hi Tiffiny,

      we are searching for someone who is able to buy/ship Gilly Hicks fragrances… cause its so hard to find :-))

      What would be your conditions?

      Nice weekend

      1. Sure I’d be interested! Email me at and let’s talk 🙂

  10. do their bras fit on the small side?

  11. Haille, yes they do.

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