It Was Just a Matter of Time…

Wheelchair Bomber Kills 3 in Iraq Police Station

The bomb was hidden under his seat cushion, which security failed to check…obviously.

Great, thanks crippled (or fake crippled) terrorist-man. Now I’m going to have to endure an even more extensive & personalized search at airport security, thanks to your ANNOYING retarded terrorist ass.

The terrorists are getting desperate, that’s for sure. This is almost as bad as when a couple of weeks ago, two Iraqi women with Downs Syndrome were used as suicide bombers. This wheelchair bomber probably willingly killed himself though, unlike these poor ladies.

I always knew a wheelchair was a perfect place to hide a bomb. It’s funny it took terrorists almost 8 years to figure this little factoid out. Losers.

– Tiff

  1. Great! If it wasn’t hard enough to get into a Philadelphia Eagles game right after 9-11 with my small backpack of cathing supplies. I’ll enjoy my cavity search. Deep and hard, deep and hard.

  2. deeeeep and hard, heh? i always knew you were a bottom 😉

  3. Ouch! Payback for my comments about the typo on your link on one of your previous blog entries. Touche, Miss Tiff. Touche!

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