It’s OK to be Too Faced (this time)

This is the way ladies to plump-up your lips without a needle: Lip Injection

I just bought myself a tube at Sephora last week and fell in love; also fell for the brand (Too Faced) too. Even though:

 A) It’s spendy ($18.50)

B) It can kinda hurt when you apply it (barely; it tingles. don’t be a pussy!)

C) One application doesn’t last hours, but hey, it’s still a great product.

– Tiff

  1. I started using a lip plumper recently (FAKE BAKE PLATINUM LIP PLUMPER & EXFOLIATOR), as someone recommended I try one as I get dried cracked lips really easily. It didn’t tingle like the one that goes with my Max Factor (I think) gloss, and has really worked for me needs. Means my lips smooth out enough to really absorb my lip balm, and as I’ve really thin lips anyway the actual plumping effect is great too.

  2. fake bake platinum, you say? ummmm….i must try it!

  3. yes the chic at sephora was trying to sell it to me, but i was too cheap 🙂

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