1. thats so cute, my cat sleeps on the cushion at night but not often. Yeah your kitty looks like the boss there:)

  2. she’s a bossy biotch.

  3. my cocker spaniel growing up slept in my chair….he used to stare at me until i transferred and then jump on up…..

  4. cute. my cat, swarely, thinks he owns both of my chairs. the manual is his day lounger and the powerchair, his jungle jim. we have to flip my cushion at night because i end up with cat hair all over it. not to mention he kneeds it to his liking.

  5. Oh cute!

    My cat Zoe thinks I am a couch. She only wants to sit on my chair when I’m on it. She is so fat. And bossy. it is impossible to push her off. lol..

  6. zoe! cute name! lol@ u being a couch.

  7. miki, i get toooons of cat hair all over mine too.

  8. she DOES look like a disney villian! lol

  9. I’ve got similar photos as one of my cats is similarly attached to my chair, and to me. That combo can add up to disaster. Got home from a shopping trip the other week and (as my right side muscles had gone into spasm) I was just sitting in the kitchen while my friend got the stuff in from the car. Cat jumps on my lap, drapes herself over the arm of the chair, somehow manages to switch the power on then leans on the joystick. Well I’ve an old table against a wall that has drop leaf sides, we just put the side (that’s not against the wall) up as and when we need extra space as it’s a useful height for me and I can get my knees under it. As it was up for the shopping to be laid on somehow Dee managed to steer me straight into it breaking the leg support off the table. I couldn’t do a thing about it and it happened so quickly anyway. Then my friend comes in and lectures *me* for not having switched my chair off & the importance of wearing my care alarm pendant (how that would have helped when she was just outside the door anyway. Guess it just gave her a fright and she realised how easily such accidents can happen). It was an unusual situation as normally the cats would have been shut away at that point. The reason they weren’t was my fault. I’d managed to knock the lounge door off it’s bottom hinge with the chair a few days previously and it hadn’t been sorted, so wouldn’t shut properly. Doors been sorted now and we just turned the table round the other way, but makes you think. Still wouldn’t be without Cats 2 & 3 though (I’m Cat 1 BTW!!)

  10. crazy story, cat. duuuude.

  11. what an insane cat!

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