Scoring Beautiful Men

As I promised a few weeks ago (to the sassy, ex-Ms. Wheelchair of Minnesota), here are my official suggestions for the best way to pick up the beautiful men of Minneapolis, or the beautiful men of <insert your city here>.

Rule #1: Cleavage rules. Men are pervy animals when you get down to it, and the best way in the beginning at least to grab their attention (on that street corner or that carpeted skyway), is to show them the goods (and believe me, the boobs are magical).

Rule #2: Smile! A smile is the second best way to invite a man to approach you, disabled, wheelchair-using, or no. Just flash them that groovy smile of yours and see what happens. In my experience, I will at least get a “Hello.” And hell, with a smokin’ guy who could get any two-legger he wanted, this is saying something.

Rule #3: Ok, I already covered boobs and a smile? What else is there? Flashing them your nipples? Yelling your cell number at them? Pretending you need help? (kidding)

Seriously though, the main rule of thumb is to just be as approachable as possible. If that involves channeling “approachable vibes” so the hottie in question notices ya, then do it. I’ve always found too that sporting the natural look (no makeup, un-blowdried hair), and if you can do it subtlety (no bra) works like a charm too (does that make me a slut?).

You see, approaching the sexy “girl next door” is WAY easier than approaching some dolled-up bombshell.

Ok guys…was there anything I missed? Meeting guys on the fly is NOT easy.

– Tiff

  1. I agree, approachable is key! Guys aren’t going to hit on you if they’re afraid to talk to you. I think the chair can scare guys off, but we’ve just got to be all the more fabulous to overcome that! On the other hand, it can be an ice breaker, if a guy is forward enough to ask you a question about it or something. And it certainly makes us unique 😀

  2. yeah, we’re definitely more memorable than most women 🙂

  3. Heh, I’ve been waiting for this post. :o) I was curious as to what you would recommend… good job. Not that I would know anything about this, myself. lol

  4. jen, but you do know something about this! it’s instinctual 😉

  5. I think I’m lacking in the instinct department. 😉

  6. asking for help can work! men love a damsel in distress, it makes them feel, well, manly, and this works wheelchair or not. they don’t have to know right off the bat that we can do pretty much anything ourselves!

  7. lol sharon….if it gets their attention, go for it!

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