Stay Far, Far Away From Drunk Club Guys

Back in 2007 when I was livin’ it up as a crazed 20 something, single girl, I would go to the clubs of my fair city quite often. What can I say? It’s a great way to let off some steam, dance (yes people in wheelchairs can dance), and meet men….or at least I thought so. After several oh-my-god-annoying incidents, I decided to make a new rule for myself: Stay away from the drunk losers at the clubs! 

Now why you may ask? It’s simple: They’re out of their mind hornballs who are NOT THEMSELVES. As they say, what you do drunk, you’re likely never to do sober, and oh baby, this is so true. Let me play out the scenario for you: “Hey you’re hot,” says the drunk guy to yours truly. I’m drunk at the time too and take his compliment seriously. I smile. Encouraged, he asks for my number. We chat up, he buys me a few drinks, and we part ways with a sexy kiss. So what’s wrong here? The next day, week, month, he never calls you back.

What I can guess is that after he’s sober, he became embarrassed: “Oh my God I hit on a woman in a wheelchair, and I’m going to Hell!”  His feelings were never real, he’s not the kind of guy open-minded enough to date a disabled woman, and essentially…he’s wasted your time; truly and completely. So I’ve learned the hard way to never, ever, ever take these men seriously. In fact, stay far, far away!

Even better yet, buy a roufee and drug them. Kidding…

– Tiff

  1. Oh drunk guys. A few months ago one was hitting on me in a bar, I moved my legs to adjust my feet, and he looked incredulously at my legs, back to me, to my legs again, back and forth, just drunkenly amazed that my legs had moved. If I was less drunk I would have been like “Dude, I’m not a para, there’s a million other reasons people use chairs.” Generally I agree…don’t take ’em seriously!

  2. Should we take them seriously when we are both sober? They take numbers then too and don’t call.

  3. dynah, that guy sounds like such a doofus! *shakes head*

  4. karh, yes you should take them sertiously if youre both sober. if he doesnt call still, well, this is a very different situ.

  5. sometimes you can take them seriously drunk….i met a guy one night, and we spent the entire night making out, and he called the next night! of course, he didn’t call again after that, but still!

  6. i will take your advice when i go back on the market. ;*)

  7. I hate dateing…

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