UK Modeling Opp

If you’re a woman with a disability residing in the UK who’s been chomping at the bit to enter the world of modeling, this is your chance.

A new TV show on BBC THREE called Models Uncovered will be premiering later this year. “Models Uncovered is a new BBC THREE show where eight contestants live together in a fully accessible apartment, get fashion model training from the best in the business, and fight it out for the ultimate prize. The winner will be given their own photo spread in one of the country’s premier fashion magazines, and receive representation by a top agency.”

For more info visit the BBC Ouch! website.

– Tiff

  1. Why does the link take me to a list of bad album covers? (Though I did get a good laugh out of that list.)

  2. oops fixed it…lol. the right link is there now 🙂

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