Since When Did Touch Lamps Go Out of Style?

There’s something about touch lamps that makes this C6 quad a happy girl. I mean, all you gotta do is touch them – ANYWHERE – and then voila! “…and then there was light!”

Anyways, I went and bought myself a very cool modern touch lamp from IKEA last week (it’s in my living room next to my couch), and it’s increased my happiness level by at least 50% (for now…of course being human, that’ll eventually change).

It even has a dimmer “switch” (which really isn’t a switch; you just hold your hand up against it for a few seconds and it’ll start dimming).

What I bought: IKEA Stockholm table lamp

Price: $69.99

Ok, off to touch my lamp again…

– Tiff

  1. this lamp is not available online. :o(

  2. oh no! really? stupid IKEA. sorry, hun. i thought it was available online. my bad.

  3. I’m all for happiness. You know, Tiff, for most lamps, you can use a box like this. They also make switch-plate (permanent) versions.

    Now you can nerd-up you whole condo, or at least have another way of entertaining/freaking-out the cat.

  4. We love us some touch lamps too……..if you REALLY want to achieve total happiness-teach your dogs (providing you have one or can borrow one) how to turn them on…we did and it’s good for hours of fun:-)

  5. omg your dog?! post a youtube vid!

  6. AN,

    awesome info/link. i may have to try that stuff out! 🙂

  7. Ikea Stockholm Lamp, warning.

    I purchased one too a few weeks ago. The lamp has turned itself on on numerous occasions while nobody was even close to it. Switch it off at night and you may find it ablaze the next morning. Stupid unreliable thing!
    Paul W M Toronto

  8. paul, yours must be faulty. mine has never done that!

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