Remember when?

Does anyone other than me remember the OUTDOOR McDonald’s Playlands they used to have? THEY WERE TEH AWESOME. I had my 7th bday at the one in St. Paul and there was a trolley (yes, a trolley) that took you from the restaurant, up a short ways up this hill, to the crazy awesome playland, with things such as THIS!



I’m guessing like with most things from the ’80s, it went away due to liability reasons.

  1. This bring back memories…I was about 5…so I remember pissing all my pants because Going up was fine! Coming Down was tough!

  2. coming down was ALWAYS teh scary

  3. How awesome would it be to find the place they store all that decommissioned McD’s playland equipment? Probably the same place they store all the cool playground equipment that you found at an elementary school back in the 70’s. I’d love to plan a clandestine midnight run to that place and liberate the Mayor McCheese jail thingy. How badass would that stuff look in my backyard?

  4. ooooh TOTALLY, craiggers. i’m in!! i’ll pick out a piece of some equipment we steal and put it on my condo’s balcony. screw what the board says 😀

  5. That playground was so awesome. But, I remember everything being made of metal and hard plastic. So, here in FL, the playground was always 110 degrees. But I didn’t really care.

    Until they added the ball pit. That was just gross. I remember being, like, 7 and thinking “I have standards.” After the ball pit, the playground just smelled like pee.

  6. OMG! I haven’t seen one of these in ages..

  7. lol @ a 7 yr old saying, “i have standards”

    love it!

    ps. although the ball pits were a cespool, i still loved them 🙂

  8. i had totally forgotten about that thing!! we never got to go to mcdonalds, at least, not very often, as in, once in a blue moon.

  9. I’m a little disturbed that 2 posters mentioned they either pissed themselves or it smelled like pee at the McD’s playland. Why does McDonald’s cause people to lose bladder control? Must be something in the fries that causes that place to become a piss-fest.

  10. I just saw a Hamburglar & Grimace in someone’s yard this afternoon. I sooooooo wanted to pull over and get them. They were just laying in the yard. What a waste.

  11. do it, jeff!!!!! you’d be my idol!

  12. this is the “Big Mac” climber, it is not the hamburglar jail or mayor mccheese. the cop was called Big Mac.

  13. There is one these are a daycare center in West Branch, Iowa

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