The Epitome of Laziness

You’re looking at it, folks: The Shoprider Scooter

For $6595.00 you too can have this ENCLOSED (with wipers even!) scooter, that can be your new favorite mode of transportation. Forget your legs, your bicycle, or your Hooveraround Chair, this all-weather scooter is the NEW way for lazy folks AND old folks alike, to get their asses around town.

At least (bleh) it runs on a battery.

Conclusion: Do I think this goes too far? A big, resounding yes.

– Tiff

  1. hahahahaHAHhaHAH!

  2. It looks like one of those play cars that the kiddies push around! LMAO!!

  3. yup. its like a toy, but for verrrrrry lazy grown-ups. ha!

  4. um…does it come in pink?? hahahaha

  5. Is it just me or does it look like a gust of wind could blow this puppy over!?

  6. kara, totaly. seniors in FL should stay far, far away from this ting (hurricanes).

  7. omg a pink version would be TO DIE for.

  8. actually, i think i’d rather see a senior in this rather than an actual vehicle!! have you ever had a big honking caddy racing towards your bumper while at a yield sign?

  9. It could be a very good thing for seniors, or people who can walk short distances or who have bad balance for getting out and doing their shopping etc. when it’s raining. If you use a scooter, why not have one that you can use in all weather?

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