“What Are You Looking At?”

Kevin Connolly is a bonafide hottie. He may have been born without legs, but that doesn’t cloud just how hot, and even better (and more notably), how TALENTED this guy is.

What makes him so talented? He goes around the world taking pictures (30,000+ so far) of people staring at him. As a disabled woman, the looks he’s captured are more than familiar. What a fantastic idea this is! I just love it. He’s taking the power back. And the photos from his point of view are just stunning (I want to buy a few!).

Kevin’s photography is growing in popularity even today, thanks to this awesome article One of his subjects.about him on Yahoo News. There’s also an excellent video segment posted in that link so be sure to check that out. It is REALLY good.

And….he travels around on a skateboard. Pretty sweet, Kev. You’re my new MySpace hero *smirk* (no really, check out my page)

Kevin’s website. The Rolling Exhibition

– Tiff  

  1. Great story…just last night I was at a local pub and was the object of countless (very annoying) stares…one women EVEN came up to me while my friends were in the bathroom, and put her arms around me and said “Oh honey you look so sad can I buy you a drink?” Grrrrrr, I hate pitty, why don’t people have a clue?
    Thanx for the vent LOL :)~

  2. OMG i HATE people like that! you shouldve told her off. there’s no excuse for rudeness like that.

  3. Whilest (sp) looking at headlines via the Yahoo Main Page today, lo and behold, they indicate a story of a guy without legs. Except u reported on this first, a week ago as above. Are they short on news today? lol

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