Who the F%#k Is Cory Kennedy and Why Do We Care?

She may just be a poorer version of Paris Hilton (here’s her scenester blog), but hey, the girl’s got mad makeup style, and one can’t help but give her kudos for that. And Urban Decay (one of the raddest makeup brands out there) agrees.

As part of their Spring Looks 2008 Collection, Cory is featured as one of the makeup divas.

I am in total love with the above look: Hot pink pigment dusted around the eye, a little above the lash line, then smudged outward for that hawt “cat eye” effect, and then they finish it off with some sparkly violet pigment all around the top and bottom lash lines. Love it.

Just member, if you do your eyes big like this, do a nude glossy lip or just a very light pink lip, otherwise you’ll look like a drag queen. But hey, if you wanna look like a drag queen, be my guest…

– Tiff

  1. Maybe there are DQWDs (drag queens with a disability) who read your blog, and have been looking for the perfect big pink eyeshadow look, and you’ve made them very happy 😛

  2. urban decay is cool- I also like Cargo’s all plant based lipsticks-good quality lipsticks that come in a box studded with wildflower seeds that you can saturate and attempt to sprout- neat idea! check it out.

    I will keep the drag queen look in mind for the next Halloween on the castro in San Fran! LOL.

  3. i want to go to that san fran drag show thing too! *whines*

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