A Blissful Reunion

Sometimes a picture can make even me, this tough SCI beeyotoch, tear up.

And this is one of them.

Paul, the devoted hubby of Kelly (a fierce and sexy blonde para, who I’m honored to call a friend. They live together on base in North Carolina), finally returned to the States today after serving in the “hell hole” that is Afghanistan for over 12 months.

He serves in the Army as an Executive Officer of a parachuting Batallion (a pretty James Bond-esque job, which’s he’s honored to do), but this poor couple (who were legally married right before he left) have been missing each other like crazy. Not surprising, his sexy lady and New Castle beer topped his list as the things he’s missed most.

Their “official” wedding will be in June down in Fort Bragg. I REALLY hope to make it (PCA and plane ticket expenses, from Minneapolis, withstanding of course).

They did, after all, meet on this site through the message boards. So I REALLY want to go.

Congrats Paul & Kelly! So glad you’re finally reunited!

Have lots and lots of sex for me, ok? LOL

– Tiff

  1. congrats Kelly and Paul awwsume to hear your home safe and together again:)

  2. Welcome back Paul!

  3. Welcome back!!! What a happy reunion!

  4. You are sooo right tiff- that pic is truly touching.
    i’m so glad kelly and paul are reunited. i hope they do not have to be separated like that again. i’m thankful paul was there serving our country, and i’m glad he’s home safe now.

  5. i wonder what theyre doing now? 😉

  6. Congrats to the couple.
    I wanna be a Beautyability hook up too! Where’s my man!!!

  7. just keep posting on the boards, kath. you never know who you’ll meet!

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