A Kung-Fu Orgasm

Saw “The Forbidden Kingdom” tonight, starring the kick-ass duo of Jackie Chan and Jet Li.

FUCKING GREAT film! I heed you all, to go, go, see it!!

Subtlely funny, amazing fight scenes, and hey, when it starts out like “The Neverending Story” (kid getting bullied, finds himself in an alternate universe) what’s not to love? I AM a child of the ’80s afterall.


So if you find yourself bored this weekend, and not interested in a raunchy surrograte mother comedy (like “Baby Mama,” starring Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, which I’m TOTALLY seeing tomorrow), you really can’t go wrong with this dandy.

Have a happy weekend, my peoples!

– Tiff

  1. thats so cool. “wayne’s world” is one of my top 5 fav films!

  2. Did’ja ever see Baby Mama. If not yet, it might be better as a Netflix selection. Even for its genre, it wasn’t as polished as it could have been, but there were a few comment-worthy sections relevant to recent discussions.

  3. no i ended up not seeing it yet. so i should wait, huh?

  4. Well, any movie is generally fun if you’re in the mood. For $10-20, I just would get in a rush to go to this one. There are some good laughs, but some parts were a bit off the comedy mark. Tina Fay’s not credited as a writer, btw. That might explain something.

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