Fake Booby Bra

Being the proud owner of implants myself (best investment ever!), this bra is more than intruiging:

Le Mystere No.9

“Le Mystère No. 9 is a bra with a patented system for supporting and complementing the way breasts look and feel after enhancement surgery. The first of its kind, No. 9 was made with the help of a board-certified plastic surgeon. But there’s nothing medical-looking about it. It’s as stylish as Le Mystère’s regular collection.”

Has anyone checked it out?

– Tiff

  1. I don’t have an ehanced set so that specific bra isn’t be needed.
    I read the two comments at the link you posted, 2 nips down was the vote, or would that be 4? .

  2. lol. yeah, the reviews havent been that stellar, but im still curious.

  3. As the “proud” owner of a 34A, I hope to someday be able to buy that bra!!! Now, to find me a man to buy the fake boobies…

  4. michelle, i was a 36AA…so consider yourself lucky!

  5. oralia, you shouldve told the surgeon to fuck off. seriously. where do u live again?

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