“Oracle” aka Batgirl

Did you know that DC Comics had their character, Batgirl (Batman’s daughter, Barbara Gordon), become paralyzed after being shot by her arch-enemy, The Joker, who then changed her identity to “Oracle”…a sexy paraplegic, computer genius, who ran her team of able-bodied ass-kicking proteges from her home in Gotham’s Clocktower?

And the coolest part? WB had a show based on “Oracle” called Birds of Prey, that was on from 2002 – 2003. “Oracle” was played by Dina Meyers; a red headed, blue-eyed, future-esque using wheelchair phenom…this sexy, main character WITH a disability was and still is a big deal to have ever made it to network television. A powerful and SEXY woman in a wheelchair?! Usually VERY taboo….


Here are some awesome screenshots from the show:

– Tiff

PS. Birds of Prey will be released on DVD July 15th, 2008.

  1. If I’m correct, Pride Mobility was tapped to specially create Oracle’s chair for that show.

  2. pride did that, heh? fucking awesome. i want one!

  3. Douglas? The Man from Diversey? Is that you? Has to be with all that info I see above. hahahahaha You were the talker. How you doing out there? Yeh I remember this show. Right before I moved into 219. Nice to see you met Tiffiny. Hit me back if you can

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