The Thing About Wheelchairs See…

…is that no matter how careful you are, your plaster 1 foot and lower on ALL OF YOUR WALLS, AND your carpet (if you have some that is, vs wood floors) WILL eventually (I guarantee you) get ruined.

So save up, my wheely-friends of the world. You’ll need a nice savings buffer to make your home seem…umm….presentable, after you’ve dented, cracked, made holes, in the walls throughout your home thanks to your trixxy back wheels or annoyingly sharp-edged foot rests.

I know I have. Of course, the copious amounts of red wine I drink befote the plaster demolition or carpet staining commences, likely doesn’t help.

– Tiff

  1. Heineken and my home do not mix. If I add Grey Goose or Merlot to the party…it’s a disater. The buzz and lack of pain from everything can’t be beat, but the aftermath…I have a spackle bucket beyween my thighs…LOL

  2. I know right…I ripped down all of the wood panals around the doors.

  3. when i lived at my parents, my father put stainless steel panels on the bottoms of all the outside doors because i kept chipping and scraping the paint off them. my hoyer always leaves marks and digs on the walls, in addition to my mishaps with my chairs.

  4. grey goose? ooh marvin youre just askin’ for trouble there! ha

  5. ive considered the steel panel thing too, miki, but im too much of a interior decorating snob to go through with it.

  6. carlos, ouch that sucks. wood paneling is much harder to fix that simple plaster.

  7. my dad has been telling me for 20 years to be more careful of the walls and cabinets. back before i was properly medicated, this would make me flip the fuck out and we’d get into a huge screaming match. now i just roll my eyes (behind his back, of course) and say okay.

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