What Do You Appreciate More…Now?

How has your disability influenced you in such a way, that you appreciate certain things more than “everyone else?”

It’s funny. For me – over all these crazy years of having a SCI – “The Little Things Tiff Appreciates” list has grown exponentially.

Here are mine:

– A hot cup of coffee WITH creamer (ok, maybe everyone loves this one, but it had to be said).

– Sunshine. Even those blessed 30 seconds when the clouds shift, and the sun shines on my face for a moment in time, as I drive down the freeway and like magic, I warm up, can be orgasmic.

– “Fresh scent” oil candles by Glade, glowing at night in my completely dark living room. The sight, the smell, can make all the hassles of everyday quad-life go away…for awhile at least.

– My kitty “Pixie” kneading the faux white fur rug on her favorite chair. No matter how many times I see her do it, it just melts my heart. OMG cuuute!

– And getting into my poufy, comfy bed at the end of the day (feather duvet included) whilst watching Iron Chef America. Sooooo comfortable, relaxing, and I’m finally OUT of my chair (bleh…let’s face it. It gets old by the time 10pm hits). 8 blessed hours of non-chair life, here I come!

Ok, your turn. Start typing 🙂

– Tiff

  1. I think if I were not sick, Id be a typical working mom..hopefully still in the military or a cop..
    My son would be spending most of his days, with his boring father, while I was at work.

    The wee man and I are like best friends! He is my strength when Im feeling weak or over whelmed.

    It’s our relationship that I appreciate.

  2. that’s a really important one, tine 🙂 love it.

  3. i think the reason i love animals so much is that they don’t judge me, they’re happy when i get home, they’re happy when i play with them, they’re happy when i feed them or give them treats. they steal my underwear and hide it under the bed. (well, only one does that, the other one digs tissues out of the garbage). to them, i’m just one of their people.

  4. I’d have to say I get immense pleasure out finally forcing a misbehaving css div into compliance. Even with the bastardly Internet Explorer. Okay – God I’m a geek!

    My pug provides many of the other pleasures, so I’ll agree with Sharon’s point of view.

  5. i could watch my catman for hours and be amused. he’s full of awesomeness – even if he loves chris more. hehe.

    -the sun moments – yes. those peeks of sun can make my whole day sometimes!

    -i appreciate organization. i was always laid back and messy as a kid/teen, but since the sci – organization and order make me feel empowered.

    -i highly appreciate a flattering jean and comfy shoes.

    -how my feet look in the morning. (no puffyness or sock lines, just cute and ready for decoration).

    – a warm blanket and good book.

    -the power of a vodka shot on a cool night.

    – mostly – i appreciate the knife skills of my pca’s, for which without i could NOT create my master meals and Food Network knock offs.
    (on the same note – i would just die for the dexterity to handle a knife and handle pans quickly. i think i was meant to be a great cook!)

  6. cancel that – i AM a great cook – i have taught a lot of people around me – i just wish i could jump up and make the shit when i wanted and didn’t need the help!

  7. Drive through anything
    Carry out at the liquor store
    full serve gas stations
    online banking
    delivered groceries
    when it doesn’t snow
    shirt dresses
    a tall man with a nice ass (i am eye level and i have to grab your bum to get your attention. You can’t hear me you’re too tall) LOL

  8. Agree on ur last entry. Outta my chair, AMAP (as much as poss.) Plus a few extra hours on me couch is nice!! 🙂

  9. hmm…sitting in my car really warm w/ the sun on my face and Ok magazine on my lap
    Super delish cup of hot steamy vanilla flavored coffee

    Lounging in a hot tub, I used weights to keep my feet down lol

    TV show marathon parties and buckets of popcorn

    Staying at a five star hotel for the weekend to just get away to a beautiful, easy going environment…

    Voluspa candles….offee cented candles yum”’

    sleeping…or ”escaping”…whichever you preferre

    being carried avoiding transferes at every chance”


    sitting in a hot shower for hours…

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