“30 Days” in a Wheelchair

From the guy who brought you the award-winning movie, Super Size Me (Morgan Spurlock), comes the FX television show “30 Days.” It’s third season premieres June 3rd. And look what pertinent episode they have coming up!

“Ray played football for Baylor University from 1984-88 before his NFL draft in 1989. He won two Super Bowl rings in 1998 and 1999 as a starting member of the Denver Broncos. …In 1991, Ray was on the field with the Detroit Lions when his teammate and friend, Mike Utley, was involved in a play that left him paralyzed from the chest down.”

For 30 Days, Ray will live in a wheelchair and will rely on his mental discipline to keep his legs immobile. His home and his car will be retrofitted to accommodate his needs. Coaching duties for his son’s football team will continue and Ray will join the Texas Stampede, the wheelchair rugby team featuring players made famous in the documentary film Murderball. He will attend a weekly support group for paraplegics at the Baylor Institute of Rehabilitation and meet with a physical therapist to monitor any potential side effects.

Throughout his 30 Days experience, Ray will be under the medical supervision of Dr. Robert Bruce in order to track any muscle loss, blood clots, pressure sores or other side effects that could occur while he is wheelchair-bound.”

How. awesome. is. that. Talk about a great thing for AB’s to witness.

Go Morgan Spurlock and Ray Crockett. You guys both get free swirly cones from my step-dad’s DQ!

For more info visit the show’s website @ 30 Days.

– Tiff

  1. I just LOVE the idea of psychotropic free, mind expanding experiences. I’ve often said that I’d love to do this or that for a month. Obviously, I have some perspective on this one, but I’ve had some others that I’m really glad I tried. Last week at work, we discussed something that I can’t wait to do: visit http://www.danslenoir.com/ or http://www.darkdining.com/.

    Like with the 30 days show, I’m a bit torn, though. It would be challenging and mind expanding and would give a new perspective, but it’s also a bit like pretending and it might trivialize disability. Not sure…

  2. I am deffinitely going to watch that one. I’ve watched the other 2 seasons already. I had planned on watching this season snyway.

  3. AN, those were my thoughts too actually. 30 days is definitely not long enough to really understand what it’s like. now if they did “6 months,” i think it might work…

  4. I really hope they talk about bowel/bladder issues and how chair users ”go”. But… they probably won’t.

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