Electric minivans actually used to exist…

…until they were killed by the bastards at Chrysler in the mid ’90s. I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to own an electric minivan. I wonder if this oldie – the EPIC¬†– could’ve been equipped with a lowered floor and stuff (anyone know?), so us gimps could drive it….

I bet Mark E. Smith at Wheelchairjunkie.com would know.

Anyways, for more info on the EPIC and TECVan by Chrysler (and the real conspiracy behind why they were discontinued), visit this very informative site: Allpar.com.


– Tiff

  1. I really hope that you get your wish. As a country, I think our hand will be forced anyway. Once we make an appropriate investment in the technology, I think we’ll all benefit. My only nagging concern in would be the somewhat more exotic metals and materials that are required for practical range. Strong demand for those could create environmental concerns and sharply increase the cost of other goods. We’ll see how it plays out.

    Personally, I’ve wanted an electric for a long time. A friend and I have seriously considered building one – I think we have the technical skill, but the problem is the range – <100 miles, which wouldn’t cut it for my commute + safety factor. NiMH and regenerative braking, which would double the range, are almost out of the question for most EV hackers.

  2. i think we’ll see them (again) in 2 yrs.

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