1. interesting? come on…its sexy! 😉

  2. i like the look because i’ve seen the rest of the costume, the cheek thing seems a bit much but is easily overlooked by your beautiful face hun:)

  3. aw abe…the cheek thing is the best part!

  4. The hair thing and the jeweled bindi are the best. Those are pretty sexy. Not sure about the cheek thing either, but I’ll bet you had a great time picking it all out. Wouldn’t recommend it as an every day look – at least for Minneapolis, but hey, you’re the fashion expert. 🙂

    Basically sounds like you had an drunken, Indian, musical version of MST3K going on at your party – fun.

  5. Tiff, you look amazing. People!! she could wear a tater sack and pull it off! 😀

  6. the cheek thing is actually called a “polki” and is a faux nose to hair/ear chain.

    thanks elizabeth. that comment just made my day 🙂

  7. I wonder what she taste like dipped in honey??

  8. i think i’d taste like baklava, tina. *grin*

  9. With what kinda nuts?

  10. ummmm cashews?

  11. Cashews..honey…Tiff..which part of your body to be dipped first? hmmm

  12. wow I LOOOVE undian jewelry! I been wearing head pieces for several years now and its great to see others catching onto the eastern look, way to go!!!


  13. oops sorry for the typo…*indian


  14. ps where did you get the jewelry?

  15. i got it at a local indian clothing store. thx 🙂

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