Say Yes to Wii

So I learned what all the hype was about regarding Nintendo’s Wii over the weekend. It is (yes really) an amazing, revolutionary piece of video-gaming technology. The sensors in it are just mind-blowing. And the greatest part: Even me, a chic who can’t move her fingers, can play some of the games.

Here’s a nice ‘n tasty list of all the games Miss Tiff can play on the beloved Wii: Wii Tennis, Wii Baseball, and Wii Boxing (cheststrap required for that one, since I have zero trunk control and both arms are needed to play that intense game)….but let me tell you, it is ESSENTIAL for Wii Boxing. Each fight lasts long and you are constantly punching for over 3 minutes. I felt like I was doing Tae-Bo. Since I sit all day and am rarely physically active, this felt AMAZING.

Wii Tennis however was by far my fav. Doing backhanded serves, jumping in the air and hitting the ball just barely “in” and getting a point, was hella cool. I was definitely channeling my inner “Venus Williams.” And it was all so easy. I honestly haven’t been able to decently play a video game console since my injury. So thank you Japan, Nintendo, the makers on Wii, whoever, for giving this American quad girl one hell of a long-deprived gaming experience.

I plan on buying a Wii pronto!

– Tiff

  1. The Wii _is_ awesome. I used to play Gran Turismo some, but I’m not that into games. The Wii, on the other hand, captivated me from the very first time we played at my sister’s house. Watch out for Wii tennis elbow – we played and played and whipped our arms around until our arms couldn’t take it any more and we _had_ to stop! We’ve ultimately decided not to get one at our house – our kids would just miss us too much :).

    Glad you’ve found something so fun. Did’ja know you can get a rubberized grippy thing for the controller?

  2. thats so cool hun, i just seen them on abc world news the other day it looks very fun.:) gotta luv an outa quad experience-yeaaah

  3. AN, that’s awesome. i’ll watch out for the tennis elbow for sho 😉 rubberized grippy thing u say? oooh! must investigate!

  4. “outa quad experience”

    abe, that was so cheesy it was cute :*

  5. This is crazy! I went over to the neighbors YESTERDAY to ask if they had a Wii. I wanted to try one since it looked awesome and fun in the commercials.
    They didn’t have one though (they have a gamecube, and something else..), but I do plan on buying one soon – although waiting lists here are crazy long..and I kinda want a chipped one so I can play backed up and imported games). So, thanks for the I *really* want one.
    Great granny picture by the way!

  6. corien, glad u appreciate my picture-choosing humor, and i hope u get to try out a wii soon!

  7. I LOVE wii! Tennis is my fave too. Wii bowling inspired me to try real bowling, which didn’t go over as well! No strikes, etc…I was lucky if I got two pins. As much as I love adapted sports I think I’ll stick to Wii for some things 😛

  8. I have it and love it… I made some real muscles with it… Try mario kart too… 🙂

  9. thats great Wii is available in Albania, Vesna. i cant play mario kart (no finger movement), but thx though!

  10. Hmmm I’m from Slovenia anyway we have the wii at home since the beginning (bought it just a few weeks after it’s releases)…. Sorry I totally forgot of the finger moving…

  11. That’s awesome! I wish I could play, but don’t have much at all for upper body and arm strength.

  12. i love the wii!!! i played wii bowling with two guys a few weekends ago, and kicked their asses!! otherwise, bowling? from a wheelchair? not pretty!!

  13. Wii is AWESOME! Chris’s sister got one last September for her b-day and I’ve been addicted since. The rubber grip is such a help! They bought one just for me. I told Chris we need to get one so I can workout. It’s the only thing gets my heart rate going. Total killjoy when the golf game gives me a mercy hole, though! Good idea with the chest strap for boxing – I just end up falling forward and pushing back 10+ times a game .. not effective! There is a car game that requires no or little hand movement – I’ll have to ask Sarah … I’m trying to perfect my Baseball skills … Go Wii!

  14. Hi Tiff,
    Do you ever play Wii while in your stander? We have heard of some rehabs incorporating standing and Wii for double the fun and work-out!

  15. jackie, no i don’t, but that’s a great idea. i think i’ll try it!

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