A Tribute to Dry Shampoos

Ever heard of these aerosol dandies? If not, it’s probably because you were either A) Born after 1970 or B) You live in the USA (apparently people all over Europe are more than aware of this easy-breezy way to “refresh” your hair).

Anyways here’s the dealio: There are some really nice (and expensive) dry shampoos that are on the market right now, and not only do they work (just spray it all over, comb through, let dry, and it’s clean/”refereshed”), but they’re perfect for ladies with disabilities who need help washing their hair the “water way.”

Your grandma probably used dry shampoo back in her younger days, and hippies at week-long music fests like Bonaroo? Oh you bet your mud-caked Teva’s they know about this most excellente way to wash their hair.

Check out the dry shampoo I bought myself last month and am totally in LOVE with:

Ojon Rub-Out Dry Shampoo (it smells like baby powder!)

– Tiff

  1. any person with an extended hospital stay probably would have experienced dry shampoo. i did. it was less than glam, but then again they’re not using high quality stuff.

  2. i was introduced to it at age 15, a year after my injury, thx to my home health care agency. it’s funny it’s becoming sheik now 🙂

  3. I’ve used them in the past (born BEFORE 1970, LOL) and found that although my hair was cleaner, it was dull (not shiny). How does this compare?

  4. steph, try a nicer brand and see what u think. ive found ojon makes my hair pretty shiny.

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