Ready for the perfect (and healthy) Summertime snacky-poo?

Frozen Go-Gurts, my friend. Frozen, Go-Gurts….

It’s easy: Buy some of this awesome on-the-go yogurt that come in Freezee pop-type packaging, then freeze for at least 3 hours. Where they’re done you got a tasty, almost ice-cream-like snack that is a) easy to carry (and doesn’t drip…as much), b) totally healthier than any ice-cream bar on the market.

– Tiff

PS. The strawberry ones taste the best frozen, in my very humble opinion.

  1. I’m gonna have to check these out – the kids & I love yogurt (and they’re always looking for another way to get messy). Hopefully, we can get it without the annoying sponge on the box.

  2. if you live in the US AN, go-gurts shold be really easy to find.

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