Tasty Creamers & Live To Be an Old Lady

Not only does coffee help women live longer in they drinkĀ it (antioxidants!)…

…but it can also be the highlight of your day, if you’re not getting laid, drinking booze, winning the lottery, or if it’s not pay day that is.

I present to you my latest weakness:

International Delight’s Marshmallow Mocha Creamer

This creamer is like, utterly and completely the BEST CREAMER ever invented. It turns my boring cup of java into an overflowing chocolate waterfall straight from Willy Wonka’s f’ed up mind.

– Tiff

PS. What’s makes marshmallows and mocha so “international?”

  1. It’s as “international” as the International House of Pancakes!

  2. and boy is it tasty!

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