A Wheelchair Secret Exposed

Ok, maybe it’s not a “top secret” kind of secret, or purposely hidden for that matter, but it’s definitely not a well known thing…

What in the hell am I talking about? The BEST way to charge your chair, that’s what. How long have you been using a powerchair (me? 15 yrs)? And even though I work in the disability industry, I just found out 3 WEEKS ago that your chair will get an immensely better charge if you leave the joystick on.

That’s right folks, those twinkling lights can double as a nightlight.

And your welcome! I know I just made your Saturday. Actually, thank Andy at Reliable Medical. I love it when my wheelchair fix-it dude actually knows what in the hell he’s doing.

– Tiff

  1. thats crazy news hun, i’ll ask my vendor if it works with my Quickie, oh btw you can play with my joystick anytime i’m easy-lol

  2. i know youre easy, abe. tht’s why i love you. meow.

  3. I’ve been told the opposite… from guys at Reliable. Nobody there really knows anything. I hate that I have to go there.

  4. interesting you say that, jen. i’m pretty confident in andy.

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