Give Your Face a Mint Julep

Your face deserves a Happy Hour too, peoples.

With that thought, you should go and buy a tube of Queen Helene’s AMAZING Mint Julep Mask. Here. For $4.29, your face will get to experience on multiple occasions the magical properties of this intense light green clay-based mask.

It’s an oldie, but a goodie. Women for decades (and me the past 5 years) have been using this mask to clear up pimples, acne, blackheads, and other unsavory skin issues.

Plus, it smells like you’re boozing it up with plantation owners from the 1800’s. Obviously, this scenario would only be cool if it ended with you freeing the slaves, then giving them your Mint Juleps.

– Tiff 

  1. Since you like so much, why don’t you come to Kentucky to drink the real mint julip? I will be your host and slave! You will be amazed by the beautiful farms and landscape, exciting horse races and most of all, meet me! (If you didn’t noticed this is an invitation and I’m not american)

  2. why ‘o why did a non-american chose to live in kentucky? do you live by dolly parton? 🙂

  3. I always see this stuff next to bizarre products like “Henna n’ Placenta”. I never gave it much thought but I might try it out now!

  4. dynah, that’s funny. queen helene’s mask isnt that bizarre, just your average stereotypical, green, fask mask 🙂

  5. The horses brought me to Lexington. I worked with physical therapy on horses. Don’t think just you have this privilege! You have no idea how much more there are here than red necks and bourbon. If I’m not wrong Dolly Parton lives in Tennessee. I tell more about me later if you whant to know.

  6. Now whenever I use this mask I will think about boozing it up with plantation owners and freeing the slaves, lol…I linked you in a blog entry I wrote that mentions Queen Helene:

  7. glad u liked my post!

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