It’s Friday…Time to Dance!

And what’s better for a Friday danceathon, than “Everything She Wants” by Wham!?

*spins around her chair as she plays the 6 minute long track, making sure not to run into her wall*

God I love George Micheal. And this is one of his best songs ever. I used to be a much better dancer before snapping my neck, but I don’t care. When the music takes you, you must follow.

*goes and laughs at the “Now you tell me that you’re having my baby” part*

– Tiff

  1. Wow, TIff. I used to hold my babies and dance to this when it was playing on MTV. Hate that I just gave away my age, but, damn, this song rocked and wasn’t George Michael HOT?


  2. george michael was and STILL is hot. nummy. glad you enjoyed it, barbi!

  3. George Michael is also a great singer and was quite famous in the 80’s era.;`’

  4. George Michael have created lots of scandal in the 90s he he-:`

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