“The Real Thing” by Gwen

I own this Gwen Stefani tour DVD and watch it whenever I’m drinking martinis. It’s from her “Harajuku Lovers” tour, and it rocks. Gail Ann Dorsey (the sexy, bald bassist you’ll see in the vid) was also the bassist for David Bowie’s “Reality” tour, plus a couple other of his tours too, I believe. Anyways, Gail’s great. Gwen’s great. And this song, “The Real Thing,” is tear-inducingly beautiful.

You’ll be amazed at how well Gwen sounds live too (she’s not lip-synching). She sounds great because she’s not dancing around feverishly the way Janet and Britney do, and running out of breath. Gwen knows who she is. She comes from a ska background. She’s far from being a talented hip-hop dancer, so she doesn’t even try. Being the hottie she is, she doesn’t need to dance. All she has to do is show up on stage wearing a pair of killer heels and a sexy outfit, and she’ll please the audience for days.

Enjoy, my friends. This song makes me happy for days.

– Tiff

  1. Gwen’s cool. We went to see her back in ’95? with ND, and we’ve pretty much kept up. She does a great job at staying creative. I never get tired of hearing ‘Early Winter’ – too bad she didn’t write much of it.

  2. i thought she wrote all of “early winter.” oh well, at least she’s got the performing thing down solid 🙂

    ive never seen her live. im hoping after she has her baby she’ll produce a new CD and tour within a year. *crosses fingers*

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