Cherry Blossom

Here’s my new favorite perfume!

My new scent – Cherry Blossom – is from Bath and Body Works, and it’s the perfect combination of both floral AND fruity notes (with notes of dewy watermelon, red plum, cherry blossom, and freesia).

It costs a reasonable $18.50/bottle (1.7oz). Way better than department stores prices, and it smells just as good.

I’m in love, people.

– Tiff

  1. Tiff, I love this stuff! I am through 3/4 of a bottle myself =) It’s my very fav Bath and Body Works scent and has been for about a year, with Sweet Pea being #2 and discountinued (can still get at the B&B outlet) Juniper Breeze at #3, Coconut Lime Verbena and Fresh Pineapple are tied at #4. This stuff is awesome. Their scent, Japanese Cherry Blossom, is a lot bigger seller than the regular Cherry Blossom but I much prefer the regular.

  2. kelly, you simply have the best taste! no wonder we get along as well as we do 🙂

  3. i’m all about the japanese cherry blossom! it reminds me of avon fragrance called little black dress that i loved that was discontinued. i get compliments on the japanese cherry blossom all the time!

  4. I, too, am addicted to Cherry Blossom. I got it over the summer with my bag and have become a slave to it. I have the body spray bottle that I shower our apartment in, it’s that good! The cat is not a fan. Hehe. Cherry Blossoms are also going to be the focus of my new tatoo! Can’t wait for the design to be finished!

  5. a cherry tat? sounds uber cute, miki!

  6. i absolutely hate it when my fav scents get discontinued, sharon. i feel your pain. i still sorely miss tranquil breezes from vickie’s.

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