New Design! Likey?

And in celebration I present to you the best dance song ever from ROMANIA of all places: The “Numa Numa Song” by Ozone!

Expect some really cool shit from the blog in the next few days, including a MAJOR announcement.

  1. AND… let’s not forget that you’re now on a non-ghetto server! Gone are the days of those stupid “cannot establish database connection” messages. 😉

  2. exactly! no more “server 505 not found” bullshit..


  3. MAJOR announcement? OOOOO, anticipation……….

  4. Is this announcement you are gonna pose for Playboy or an engagement? No hints?

  5. kath, it’s def not as cool as those things, but almost 🙂

    here’s a hint: grown-up stuff for a better world!

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