1. okay, who’s the hottie and why is it a manual??

  2. didnt you know manuals are the designated “go-to” chair for house parties? yeah, i got piggybacked up three flights for that fiesta.

    oh and him? just a new friend.

  3. The house party piggyback! That’s a tried and true strategy of mine too. And the boy’s not bad!

  4. Oww, that IS a hot guy!!
    Nice new blog by the way, I like the new layout too!

  5. yeah he’s a hottie 🙂

    thx corien!

  6. Yay!
    Uh, is this your big announcement? 😉

  7. Ya where’s the MAJOR story? weeks almost over 🙂

  8. wow, he IS hot. erm..

    sup tiff ^^

  9. hey mark! i’m glad to see you poking around on my site again. how’s miss billie? 🙂 are you married yet?

  10. i’ll be making a post re: the BIG awesome announcement later this afternoon. hope you’ll all think it’s as cool as i do.

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