1. Disagree. Clothes are simply material possessions. Focusing on the clothes you wear takes focus away from what’s inside you, which is exponentially more important.

    I’ll give the clothing company this: it’s a brilliant concept to use in their advertising. However, never forget that the important things in life usually aren’t advertised. They don’t have to be. When was the last time you saw a “Be good to your family” ad?

  2. clothes = appearance = social acceptance [in the states]. I think it makes a difference in some regards, e.g. opening doors that would normally be closed if an individual didn’t present well. However, clothes themselves won’t make TOO much difference (aside from some corporate environments) over what someone can do by cleaning up and having a personality that captivates others… even to the extent that other parties don’t even notice what you’re wearing.

    if you’re not cool to begin with… er… I mean… dope and/or fierce, well then that’s a different story. 😉

  3. i agee with both of you guys, JP and scott. it’s sort of right, but geesh, its far from being the end all and be all. looking “good” def helps though.

  4. There is SO much more to life then clothes… so I would disagree. What would help a person live a better life, a new wardrobe, or say, an education?

  5. I disagree. Clothes have nothing to do with a good life.

    I heard a quote the other day too. “Human interaction, it’s the spice of Life.” (by Morgan Freeman in a Reality show on Showtime). That sorta stuck in my head. If ya think about it, that’s what’s important- human interaction- and all relationships of every sort.

  6. Depends on what the word better means here? More expensive, na. But if something makes you look good, you feel good. I always feel good when I am looking killer!


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