Eat Like Crap, Then Take Yo Vitamins

I love vitamins. You can eat whatever the hell you want, and as long as you take a decent vitamin, you’re in-like-flynn. But the thing about vitamins is that your body doesn’t always absorb them. I’ve noticed that since my SCI, most of the vitamins just exit through my bladder.

Waste of money right?

Well, you can stop wasting your money. I have and I’m getting healthier as a result. You see, $5.99 buys you a bottle of 60-count Flintstones Vitamins. They’re chewable and (the best part) they taste like candy. Your body can easily and completely absorb these babies. I even have a friend who had gastric bypass surgery and his doctor recommends them.

So in the spirit of these vitamins that everyone loves, watch this fantastic vintage Flintstones Vitamins commercial from 1972:

– Tiff  

PS. And what’s the best Flintstones Vitamins flavor? Grape. Like, hello people. Do I even need to say?

  1. Bedrock Rocks gotta luv the Rubbles:)I take centrum multi should I consider changeing, hmmmmm

  2. I’m not too good when it comes to swallowing ‘big’ pills (aka: anything bigger than aspirin), so I’ve got Supradyn Energy (“round fizzy toss in water and it dissolves” thing).
    The first time you think “this artificial flavor isn’t too bad”, but it’s all a bit downhill from there taste-wise and I’m not a big fan of the fizz (so I put it in a bottle and shake).
    It does gets absorbed a lot better than capsules or something though – I guess because it’s already dissolved by the time it hits your stomach/intestines).
    And (placebo or not) I do think it helps a little energy wise, even though clearly most of the vit B passes right through 😉
    When I’ve used my stash up, I might see if we have the Flintstone ones over here (and compare what’s in them). (That movie reminded me of Saturday mornings when I was a kid, yabadabadooo!)

  3. that’s some interesting stuff there, corien. cool! i’d try it.

  4. Supradyn tastes like Fanta (Orange) with a hint of iron/healthy in it. Which sounds and is OK the first few days, but gets a bit “ugh, not again” after a while 😉 Oh well, no pain no gain, right ? And it’s just one glass, filled with 300% daily recommended dosages of most stuff, so even if your body messes with the uptake, you should still absorb quite a bit (at least that’s my reasoning).
    Can’t find the Flintstone ones here, wanna trade a package? 😉 LOL!

  5. sure i’m in! email your addy, c.

  6. Um … I takes LOTS of vitamins, minerals, pain drugs, etc., how does one TELL that the bladder is just passin’ it on thru without absorbtion happening?

    Please advise.

  7. I have been taking vitamins and it has been fantastic i havw felt great and worked out with great results. i hvave also grown an inch and i love it

  8. aspirin has been time tested to relieve minor pains and inflammation and it is cheap too `.,

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