Hey Jacket, Stop Being an Ass

Out of all the clothing on this planet, there’s one garment that’s without a doubt the hardest to put on if you’re paralyzed: And that’s the jacket. 

When you’re in a wheelchair, reaching behind/around you, while trying to avoid getting your jacket caught on your push handles (if you have them that is) is seriously one of the most scream-inducing things ever.

And even though I’ve been injured for 15 years, I still haven’t found a trick that works every time. Have you? It’s almost winter and jacket-season is upon us.

Help! I’m sick of fighting with my bloody jacket!

– Tiff

PS. And no, ponchos are not an option. Can you say EW?

  1. Can you lean forward?
    One arm in, lean forward, maneuver jacket over your back (yank on the “empty” sleeve), lean back (so the thing stays put), wriggle other arm in.

    (I’m avoiding work here, while trying to come up with something useful ;))

  2. When I take off my jacket, I unzip it all the way except for the last couple of inches, and pull it over the top. Then I put it back on like a pullover or shirt, and the zipper is already started. It really helps if it has a smooth liner to allow it to slip down.

  3. I find cropped swing jackets are much easier to put on and take off. Hope you have some success 🙂

  4. I hate them! I can’t put one on but I can take it off. I stick to Polartec fleece coats or soft shells. The best is one lined with Gore-Tex windstopper because it’s satin like smooth and your shirt or sweater sleeve doesn’t bunch up. I’m OCD about it. I’ve owned Mountain Hardware, North Face and Arc’teryx (uber pricey) but I’ve yet to find the perfect combination.

  5. cropped jackets sound like a good idea, esther. and i noticed that at target yesterday they were selling a variety of cropped jackets, all running at $29.99. not bad at all. i have one black satin cropped jacket and it’s by far the easiest jacket that i own to put on.

    thx everyone for your input. i dont have time to explain why the rest of the ideas dont work for me, but thx for offering advice anyways

  6. Would a jacket with detachable sleeves work? Could work as a vest and a jacket.

  7. liz, that’s a decent idea, but then the problem reamins in putting the sleeves back on. that’s not too easy for a c6 quad.

  8. Loops and velcro…

  9. ew! lol. i would never do loops. maybe should just hire an oiled man to come with me wherever i go to put my jacket on when i need it?

  10. Okay, note to self: Loops = EW. And an oiled man sounds like way more fun.

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