My Latest Guilty Pleasure…

…it ain’t Heroes or Nip/Tuck  anymore. No, it’s now Kath & Kim: My latest TV guilty pleasure. And I have NBC to thank.

Their take on this hysterical Australian-import is a rainbow of win. And I may even be one of the few people who like this show (the reviews haven’t been the best), but I could honestly give a rat’s ass. IT’S GREAT. And their casting choices of Molly Shannon as the embarassing mother, and Selma Blair as the self-centered daughter? Brilliant.

Also, you’d also never guess Molly Shannon was only 8 years Selma’s senior. I still haven’t decided if this is a compliment or not…

Anyways, there’s been three episodes aired to date and you can watch them all for free (and legally) on NBC’S official Kath & Kim website.

– Tiff

PS. If you’re a fan of the Scissor Sisters, you gotta watch the opening credits of the show below. “Cause your filthy, and I’m gorgeous…”

Fantastic song choice, NBC peeps. I’ve seen the Scissor Sisters perform this song live several times. It rocks.

  1. And how freakin’ funny is Kath’s boyfriend?

  2. I know! I love how he takes his job at the sandwich shop so seriously. lulz.

  3. I like that it’s a comedy sitcom that doesn’t stay on a set house but is shot in a house, mall, and I love the club scene last week!

    1. Finding this post solves a plroebm for me. Thanks!

  4. carlos, really? i had no idea! that IS a huge deal for a sitcom. awesome!

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