Best Tire Pump?

I’ve decided to put an end to allowing my wheelchair from disrupting my social life.

I don’t ALWAYS need to be in my 314lb powerchair. No siree bob. I’m lucky enough to have a lightweight manual, so I mine as well use it right? SO many of my friends, since the economic-crisis hit, have been throwing parties at their homes instead of going out, and I’m sick of missing out on all the fun.

Time to be ok with getting lifted up flights of stairs, Tiff.

There’s just one teeny tiny problem: The wheels on my manual lose air really fast, and going to the gas station in freezing cold Minnesota weather isn’t exactly what I want to do in order to pump up my wheels. I need an air pump for my own.

So to all of you manual wheelers out there, what’s your favorite BRAND and TYPE of wheelchair tire pump, and most importantly, why?

Thanks in advance!

– Tiff

  1. You know, I just washed my hands of the whole air thing and now I have solid tires. I love them. I don’t have to worry about air and pumps and popping – maybe you want to look into it?

  2. Dear Tiff, their is a portable air pump that you can charge up and it will air your tires up quite a number of times before having to be recharged. i bought it at i think it is by champs or another name but they put their own sticker on it. the pump works great. i had the solid tires on a chair once but i didn’t like them. I don’t know how to change them once the tire is used up and needs to be changed, also the solid tires don’t give when going over bumps, it is like siting on rocks when you go over bumps or any thing, your back may hurt when you have someone take up up a flight of stairs and each step you feel as you go up and down. e-mail me if you need any more info on this pump.

  3. i bought an electric compressor about 10yrs ago at wallys-world for like $40, it works great for my power n manual chair and its the size of a 6pack cooler with a carry handle. The brand is campbell-hause, I agree with both the posts that airless i nice, they ride like a german tank, i went back to air casters/front tires because of the jaring on every sidewalk crack.

  4. I’ve never once had a flat. Why? My pneumatic tires have those solid insert things in them. I highly recommend them.

  5. I don’t have a recommendation for you, since I have solid tires but I just wanted to say, like Mike, I hate my solid tires! They might not be too bad if you’re just using the manual occasionally for parties, but still, you might as well be comfortable. I’m getting pneumatic tires soon so I am interested to see what people recommend.

  6. Hi Tiff

    I use a Specialized brand floor pump that I got from my local bike shop where I buy tires. It has a good pressure gauge, it’s easy for my aid to use and cost $30. I switched to air from solid core because they are much easier and more efficient for pushing. Do you push your manual chair?


  7. After 6 years in a chair and 3 flat tires I went to solid tires. No they aren’t as comfortable but the lack of being stuck is worth a liitle harder ride I think.

  8. Solids the way to go, and they come in great Colors!

  9. Hi!

    This one is 12V, so great if you have a car (or a cab…or a 12V converter) but not so much if you don’t. Great to keep around the house, and VERY well made. They make cheaper ones, but not worth it IMHO.

    Then take two of these and throw ’em in your bag:

    Don’t know what kind of tires you use, but if they’re old and dry, or if they have iffy tubes in them…could be most of the problem.

    Don’t know if these fit your needs, but I hope they help 🙂

  10. thx everyone for your responses. i’m a bit overwhelmed now w/ too many decisions 🙂

    btw, yes, i do push it a little.

  11. If your tires aren’t holding air, you need to replce them. Take them to a bike sjop or your wheelchair vendor and they’ll do it free to cheap. Then buy a rechargable battery operated pump and check the tires once a week – depending on use. It’s not worth it to pump leaky tires and the chances of one blowing out at an inopportune time is too high.

  12. That’s good Tiff, I guess sometimes you have to know when to swallow your pride in order to have a little fun. But yes, why air? Does it allow you more maneuverability?

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