It’s Here!

Today is Election Day. Crazy as it may seem, this election season is finally coming to an end. Will you be sad to see it go? Relieved? However you end up feeling after today, pleeeease: MAKE SURE YOU GET OUT AND VOTE!

Things To Know:

– Did you register on-time, or can you register at the polls in your state?

– Because of your disability, were you able to cast an absentee ballot early, and without any problems?

– Are the lines extremely long where you vote, and are election officials making you wait in line even if your disability makes it painful? (I heard in some states they’re making disabled individuals bring someone with who can wait in line for them, and then they just wait in their car).

As you can see, for some of us, voting CAN be extra work/stress, but should you allow it to silence your voice, and NOT vote? Hell no. Hell. No.

May EVERY vote be counted, and Happy Election Day!

– Tiff

  1. Have to admit I didn’t really follow *all* the US election stuff, but I just did a test on and I would very definitely go for Obama according to that. Pretty interesting to see it all analyzed in percentages how much you agree with a person.

    On of my bosses flew to New York to be there and watch it all happen.

  2. cool, c! why am i not surprised you’d be an obama supporter? 🙂

  3. I voted about 2 weeks ago with an absentee ballot. The first time I voted in a big election and not the last. Can’t wait to see an Obama victory tomorrow morning. I’m procrastinating homework watching election stuff on CNN.

  4. WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!! very cool 😀

  5. We Did It! Obama Voters!

    Rosa sat,
    so Martin could walk.
    Martin walked,
    so Obama could run.
    Obama ran,
    so that we can Fly!

  6. Small question from my mom (who thinks I’m some kind of walking dictionary; as in I got a “why don’t you know this?!” when I shrugged).
    Why is it “president elect” and not “elected president”?

  7. you cant be called “elected president” until youre inugrated jan 20th 🙂

  8. Thanks Tiff!

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