Shame on You, NBC

While last week’s Election night results were pretty awesome (except for Prop 8 and Michelle Bachmann winning. WTF Cali and Minnesota?!), NBC’s Election night coverage could’ve been better.

Now why do I say this? Well, check out this excellent blog about how they VERY poorly failed to recognize disability as anything but a liability (if you’re a politician that is).

Things like this must be brought to the pundits’ attention.

– Tiff

  1. What did they say? I couldnt access the blog. I was wondering if they were referring to McCain’s war injury? If so, that’s pathetic to imply a disability is a liability, (for many reasons). I am sure they said gender and/or race were liabilities many years ago and look what’s happened now (Obama, Hill, Palin). I hope we see the same change!!

  2. I read the blog, they have a very good point. Disabilities are so downplayed in politics, always have been. One of our greats was FDR, who of course had polio but had to hide it or would have never been elected, let alone had served four terms. Disability was so shameful back then. Today….there’s a Congressman from RI who’s a quad. Then there’s mayor who’s a quad in Van Couver. (There’s more than that but I just can’t think right now, it’s 4am, lol.) I wish the ABILITIES of people with disabilities were talked about in the media, in regards to politics, and well- in regards to everything. I was talking to someone the other day about this- can you imagine if America elected a pres who’s a chair user? EVERYTHING would be so accessible!!!! Plus that would definitely help lessen stereotypes. =) I don’t believe it’s impossible in the future. I mean look at this election. Even as short as forty years ago so many people would have thought an African American could never be elected. We got over a big racism hurdle in this country, it’s nice to think about getting over a big “ablism hurdle” someday.

  3. hey FDR used a wheelchair!

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